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Friday, July 2, 2010

The journey to the LYT logo

We've toyed with many logo designs over the years. Some were a straight up joke, while others were decent. This one was our favourite... :)

An absolute classic! Who wouldn't love this? Huh? Absolutely br00tal Mona Lisa. More like Br00ta Lisa. Megalulz! But then we didn't want to bring all that attention to ourselves so we tried this...

But we began to think a little progressively (Boooooo!!)

And then we thought...hmmmm....something else?

Or this?

But we were not satisfied so we turned to our buddy Mbithi Masya. He's a skillful director and designer, and he put together a couple of samples and we settled for this...

This will be our primary logo for now. We use it on our banners, tshirts and stuff like that. We'll be working with Mbithi on more stuff, and you'll see it all right here.


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